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our Pastor

Pastor Aaron Viola attended Zion Ministerial Institute and graduated in 1991, came home to his local church, started his business in 1992, and married Angie in 1995. They welcomed their daughter Avery into their family in 1996, and son, Isaiah, in 1998. Throughout these years Aaron developed a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and became an anointed Sunday school teacher, song Leader, and speaker in the church.

After years of training, Aaron was invited to speak and teach at Bible schools and churches across Central America, holding this opportunity with great respect and honor, he willingly travelled and taught for 2-3 weeks every year for 10 years.


He became a Board Member of the church in 2003, and was given the position of Singles Group Leader in 2005. 

There is no greater blessing than to serve the Lord and to be used by Him. Aaron's greatest fulfillment is to know that he is doing the will of the Lord and he finds great joy in being used by Him.

(Written with love, by his wife, Angie Viola, Founder of My Sun & Shade Ministries for Women and Families. Visit for more information.)

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