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The members of MT. Zion Assembly, Inc. come from different backgrounds and each one has a unique testimony of how they came to know the Lord as their personal Lord and Savior.

Each week we come together to hear what is on the Lord's heart for us and each week we leave feeling encouraged knowing God has a purpose for our lives and for the church.

By following the examples set forth in Scripture and allowing the Truth to penetrate our hearts we hope to live as "Children of Light" and imitate Christ's character in everything we say and do.

These faithful members have been taking care of the church for 30+ years and we have seen how the Lord has taken care of each one of them. 

Our desire is to see the Lord's purposes fulfilled for each member as well as for the church.

Getting to know the members of this church has been a privilege and we are very blessed to be apart of the family at MZA.

Pastor Aaron Viola

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